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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

  • Are you looking at your kitchen and wondering if it can be hand-painted? The answer is probably yes, it can!

  • Our specialty is upgrading 10 or 20 year old oak or pine kitchens. We regularly paint new wooden kitchens too, and repaint older ones too.

  • We work on all size kitchens. From modest galley kitchens to the largest installations fit for professional chefs, the process and attention to detail is the same. And everything we do is priced pro-rata.

  • We can paint dark oak, orange pine, new MDF, maple, clear lacquered, varnished, waxed, even laminate kitchens and furniture. We can transform any surface with a hand painted finish.

  • Do you like the layout of your kitchen, and it is functional, but you want a new look without buying new? If so, we can clean down your current wooden kitchen, prepare and prime it, and apply a flawless hand painted finish in literally any colour of your choosing. It works out at about 10-20% the cost of new!

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